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International Master Program of Education
The major purpose of this program is to foster graduate students’ multi-capacity and potentials. At the same time the graduate students could also develop the capacity to foster their prospective students’ multi-capacity and potentials in multicultural education environments.  This program also aims to provide students with manifold knowledge and practical skills that will contribute to their personal development and career planning in various education situations.  
Graduate students enrolled in this program are expected to broaden their views on human learning and growth through exploring their own potentials and investigating the characteristics of diversified learners in multicultural teaching situations.
All the courses delivered from this program will be taught in English, and it is expected that students will benefit from both English acquisition and acquaintance with classmates with diversified cultural backgrounds.
Reflective teaching and case-discussing approach will be frequently adopted by the course lecturers in order to enhance the students’ critical and creative thinking capabilities.  Hands-on practices are also emphasized in many courses so as to help the students’ practical skills.  Students would also be encouraged to engage in deeper and deeper self-examination and self-consciousness so as to explore their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and potentials.
The students’ program of study is culminated by completing a master thesis to demonstrate their academic and practical competenciesin the field of education and multi-capacity development.